Sunday, May 27, 2012


Bass Lake!!
Now onto the next subject
My amazing sister brought me to an Angel's game.
My ward did a ward Youth Confrence and we got to visit the Mormon Batallion....It was great! Well that is pretty much it for now!

Things that have happend since last May....

We had an AMAZING garden last summer! We arte getting ready to start this summer's garden and hope for it to be just as succesful!
I got to go to Disneyland with my 8th grade leadreship class! I learned alot by being in leadership.
I also went to Knotts Berry Farm with my 8th grade class of 2011!
Then I promoted from 8th gradfe into 9th!
Connor was excited that I was wearing the flower he got me.
I went to girls camp for my 2nd year and went snype hunting....( I was a snype)
We went to the " Krick" ALOT!
I went to Alton!!!! Which is a little town in Utah Where My best friends Grandma Lived.... She will be missed dearly. Too BE Continued...........................

Saturday, March 10, 2012

High School...

My Freshman year of High School is almost over and I done lots of things.
I satarted my year of with my first jazz class (we also do tap and lyrical jazz) I did not do any sports in the fall season. Our class had our first performance in January and everyone did AMAZING! During the Winter season I was torn between doing Waterpolo or soccer. I went with soccer beacuse that is what I have grown up doing ofcoarse. It was worth it, we got second place in our tournament. I have recently started my first season of swim. We have had 3 meets so far and they have been great. I am pretty sure my stroke is the breast stroke. I have done the Breast stroke and The Freestyle at the meets. Infact just today I did the 200 and I almost died. I have relized that I have not gotten into the shape that I need to be in yet.
I have had my moments of enjoyment and my moments that I cannot wait to leave the place but, I will get through it. I am getting ready to tryout for the Hip Hop team for next year and I am excited to start my sophmore year after my amazing summer but, for now I will just count down the days till summer!! Which is 59 school days!
And Just so it is not a pictureless post...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Things I dont Have pictures for Catch up Part lll

Well As you know I went to a Justin Bieber Concert!!!! Best Day EVER even though he is starting to disipoint I still like him!!!
Cristmas passed, for Christmas I got a keyboard and just started to play, I am moving rather quickly and I love it!!!!
I just promoted from the 8th grade and I am now in High school!!
I plan to do the dance class all 4 years and do Lots of sports...matter a fact I have been training for volleyball this past week and find out if I am on the team this Wednesday, I can't wait!!!
That is aobut everything worth sharing!!
Hopefully I will be able to get pictures on here soon to show you more.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catch up part ll

Other things that have past this last year was my birthday!!! I went to the mall for a scavenger hunt and had a BBQ with the nieghborhood.Its was great!!

The Cookie the Y/W made for me!! It is ine if the best tasting cookies EVER made!!

Some of the people who came and I!!

My group!!

My Justin Bieber Cupcake and I....Thankyou to Misty, she suprised me!!

And I dont have pictres from the BBQ.

Catch Up

Well sence last time didnt work and I was so detail I'll just take 5 minutes instead If your cunfused just ask queation.........
Ok so anyways Its been a while sence I have done anything with my blog one of the reassons being, I havent been able to put my pictures on the computer and I hae NO Idea why it wont let me, another being I havent had anytimme and I dont treally pay attention anymore. So because of that I will catch you up with things I have pictures of and with things I never talked about...
Last summer My Family and I went to wyoming to bring my cousins kalli and lacy home also for our family vacation. While in wyoming we went to devils tower and did the "hike" around it. Also by the D.T. were these cute little prerry dog. It was pretty cool!!! After devils tower we took a drive up to South Dakota to See Mt. Ruchmore, while in Mt. Ruchmore We stayed at the KOA Campground. The KOA c.g. Is alot of fun my favorite was the waterslide they had Itwas SO much FUN!! After the Mt ruch more we headed home.
We went trough 6 different states!!!

So there you go My way Mini version of my Original post...I am so bummed it didnt work!!

What The Heck!!!

This Makes me soooooo Mad I just spent way to long on catching you guts up and Its all Gone.... It just had to disipear when I clicked publish. I gues you will just have to wait even longer and when its posted dont expect much because I wont be taking near as much time on it...Sorry, but it was way to much.